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Is this aim accessible?

It is to admit that even this importuned first step is barely reachable by a appropriate amount of expenses. It is rather the opposite. More and more areas which were contained moderately have to carry bigger and bigger amounts of different traffic forms and also at hot spots of noise pollution the contamination rises constantly. The administration capitulates by means of the racy development of traffic to fulfill the EU’s Environmental Noise Directive. It says that new road transport infrastructure must not further pollute heavy contaminated areas. The choice of location of the new Berlin airport (BBI), the strictly economic adjusted flight paths, the discussion about the abolition of the night break for planes between midnight and 6 o`clock or the extension of the autobahn 100 right through close populated Berlin neighborhoods are examples of this despaired transport policy. But this is not limited to urban areas. Increasing traffic noise threatens rural environment in a similar way. Unpolluted areas disappear more and more in western industrial nations.

Paradoxically it is the massive noise pollution which causes the bulkheading of the individual from the hearing aid itself. And that is the reason for only negotiable resistance against this development.

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