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The Acoustic Refuge Projekt

Wecome to Acoustic Refuge

We love listening and we do like loud music, loud sounds and blasting sensorial experience. We don’t wanna break the party!

Never the less our direct environment sinks in noise pollution more and more. Cars and planes shout out their boring motorize sounds into our all living space 24 hours a day. Any detailed sonic experience, like little sounds or spatial and ambient reaction, gets downtrodden by this wall of bullshit. Continuous motorized noise makes you sick, degenerates the ear and f***s up our daily sensorial experience.


Looking at increasing traffic and the unbroken religion of economic growth we want to interact by providing acoustic refuge areas in time or in space, where people are able to listen to rich detailed athmosspehric recordings, or even better rich and detailed acoustic life. We believe that people got triggered by unmotorized and detailed listening will open their ears again and automatically share our aims in order of stepwise change of the thought unchangeable.

– Refuge-Project describes our aim to built up physical acoustic-refuge-areas at highly noise-polluted urban spots in europe.

– Atmos provides our increasing collection of atmospheric recordings.

– Audioblog contains posts and articles all around sound and listeing.

– Backround gives more detailed information about our sight on aural- or acoustic-communication.

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