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What’s acoustic communication?

A great deal of human communication happens within the interchange of acute acoustic attractions. Speech includes beside the layer of content a unlimited range of filigree nonverbal forms of expression. Those parts seem to be even more important for the impact of a spoken evidence than the concrete matter of the spoken words.

Beyond that members of a social alliance receive and transfer a intuitional acoustic feedback concerning the mechanical interactions between those human and their environment. Those sounds represent manny attributes of those activities. You can read in those sounds, you can extract information about the involved materials, their moving speed, the spatial surrounding and as well the physical constitution of the participating individuals.

Sounds caused by humans appear in coexistence, each of them is identifiable separately and any of them ever recur identical. So the human individual is getting a part of a alive and interactive acoustic community by producing and listening to sounds.

As an example, aware listening of a rich sounding environment like the acoustic atmosphere of a alive forest activates a phenomenal amount of neural brain activity which is recognized as a pure positive sensation.

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