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How can we counteract this development?

Complex sonic systems underlie a spiral progression. Rising noise contamination lead to higher levels of sounds, intending to predominate the noise carpet. Aim is to invert the negative cycle. Therefore the collaboration of everybody involved in this situation is needed. It is important for everybody in this group to identify the drawback on the one hand, and to believe in the potency of a consolidated course of action on the other hand. A chance for reduction of a upwind situation lies inside the collective awareness that only a broad cooperation can reach a articulate improvement. This postulates confidence in the action of others. And a broad long term cooperation can apply pressure on few unconvincible in means of a public opinion.

The basic assumption of a antidromic development is to move the actual situation of our acoustic environment into the aware apperception. Ear education and sensitizing for microstructure of balanced acoustic systems can be achieved by the creation of noise free areas within the urban and polluted environment. Those areas should be available for broad groups of those communities.

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